How we do it

Strategic Communications

We work hard to infuse our communications strategy with a topical agenda and master plan. Working towards quarterly or bi-annual plans, we devise relevant and intelligent programmes founded on industry issues and insights. We know only specifically tailored PR campaigns will help achieve the results needed to meet internal marketing objectives.

Press Office & Media Relations

We are not a team that hides behind emails. We build strong relationships with a range of online journalists & bloggers to keep them up to date on our clients’ mission, policies and practices, whether that is by drafting a press release, organising online reviews and product placement opportunities, business profiling or media interviews.

Thought Leadership

We want all our clients to be the authority on relevant topics by delivering the answers to the biggest questions on the minds of their target audience. We do this through writing features and by-lines on key topics, sourcing speaker opportunities and organising media briefings at trade shows and events.

Research & Data Analysis

As a team we remain on top of the latest industry news and issues through constant research and media monitoring. Journalists prioritise not just topicality, but also strong internal data and we are able to assist with analysing client data to source interesting news hooks for media outreach.

Case Studies

From our experience, prospective customers and journalists respond best to hearing how others have achieved success with a product or service. We understand that illustrating real-world applications of our clients' assets can be a good way to capture the attention of journalists. More importantly, it's often the best way to engage new customers.

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