e-commerce marketplaces developed by Ezmartech gives clients an opportunity to list millions of items online and building your virtual mall.

Ezmartech gives retailers an opportunity to onboard unlimited number of sellers on the marketplace and thereby building an ecosystem where sellers compete for users and benfits goes to our clients.

Everytime a product is sold on marketplace our clients earn commission and grow their finacial capabilities with decentralized stocking of items via sellers.

Process of Seller Panel

Seller Account Creation

Marketplace developed by us enable you to onboard unlimited number of sellers on automation. Seller are empowered to fill their business details, upload documents, bank details and legal agreement is e-signed.

Products Management

Sellers are empowered to upload bulk products, edit products, edit pricing and fetch reports from marketplace seller dashboard.

Order Processing

Sellers could process order in various stages to give them clear idea of orders status i.e pending, confirmed, label printing & Proof of Dispatch generation.


All payments disbursed by your finance departments would reflect in seller dashboards and sellers feel empowered.

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