SEM or Search Engine Marketing is a form of paid marketing or advertising initiative undertaken by Ezmartech. We design campaigns that are fueled by inorganic or paid methods to promote and advertise the company and its offerings. Tools such as Pay Per Click or PPC forms an essential part of this strategy. Our focus is to use paid advertising or marketing services to promote your website and company to your targeted users.


Simplified Coding: The backend code for making and optimizing a website needs to efficient as the Google search engine algorithms favor simpler coding. Lesser the codes, better the search engine finds your website, thereby helping enhance the ranking of the site. Thus, if lengthy codes are not optimized, the crawler tends to get distracted. With minimized coding, we at Ezmartech ensure that your website has maximum features that will attract the search engine every time.

Faster loading speed: Not only is a faster site considered search-engine friendly, it also enables an optimized end-user experience. Faster your website loads, better the chances of it being ranked high on the Google result page. Ezmartech has a team of dedicated experts that help you understand the elements that create a super-fast website.

Optimizable mobile responsiveness: Our technical SEO services power the site with cutting-edge responsiveness feature such that one single site has enough flexibility to adapt to the screen size of the user’s device intuitively. Google search engine is extremely sensitive towards responsive websites.

Enhanced security: Our professional marketing and SEO team offers search engine optimization services by making sure that the site is protected with SSL certification and HTTPS operational features.


Semantic Interpretation: We at Ezmartech, as a professional SEO and marketing service provider, focus on increasing the semantic interpretation of your site for the search engine. This includes a number of tasks and compliance with algorithm rules.

Engagement metrics: Better engagement metrics make your website more prominent to the crawler. Google ranks features such as longer on-site time high as well.

Tag creation: Use of right title tag, meta description, and heading tags ensures that Google search engine pays more attention to your site. The more clearly and innovatively these features are used, the better it is for the search engine to get clarity about your site.

Content enrichment: We offer professional services to ensure that the content on-page helps enrich user experiences while affecting the search engine meaningfully. Our search engine optimization services include the right mix of text, image, graphics, infographics, videos and animations to engage visitors and crawlers.


In order to make your website credible in its domain, our professional team works on optimizing the off-page factors. Through our marketing and SEO services, we help develop an authoritative position for your website and company, which is again favorably viewed by search engines.

Effective backlinks: Ezmartech services encompass providing backlinks that the crawler loves. Backlinks are perceived by the algorithm as a positive word-of-mouth publicity and help build the site credibility for the search engine. Our off-page SEO services provide quality, authoritative and professional backlinks for your site.

Engaging social media strategy: With our social media marketing service, we strategize with your marketing team to create a strong brand identity and credibility in the virtual world.


Local SEO service is one of the most important services that small businesses can take advantage of. Google data confirms that almost 46% of searches conducted on the search engine have a local intent to it.

We employ techniques that use ‘near me’ feature, update Google My Business Profile, update citations, and manage reviews of your company. Our local SEO marketing services ensures that your business is always on the top of the rank page when a relevant search is carried out.


Google predicts that almost 50% of searches online be voice search in the near future. There are numerous aspects associated with this search engine optimization service and, as a professional SEO service provider, Ezmartech ensures that we work on technical aspects to keep your website ranking high on Search Engine Result Page (SERP).


Online reputation is as important for your website’s survival and sustenance as is the credibility of your company in the physical world. Today, most users refer to online reviews of sites and brands before purchase decisions. Our professional marketing team and service providers work overtime to ensure that reviews pertaining to your site, company, product and services are positive and consistent while the negative ones are handled with utmost care. As part of digital marketing strategy, we keep a constant check on your brand ratings and reviews with our online reputation management services

100% SAFE

Algorithm changes routinely wipe out businesses. Even the smallest SEO violations can cause your website to fall from its rankings. When you work with Ezmartech, you can rest easy knowing that ethical practices keep your site safe from such updates. We use optimization methods that abide by webmaster guidelines to ensure that your website reaches the top—and stays there.


Ezmartech currently has a happy, highly skilled team of 110 digital marketing experts. Unlike smaller SEO companies that are notorious for outsourcing key functions, we keep everything in-house to improve quality control. From project managers to programmers to on-page and off-page optimization experts and content writers, we all work in unison to provide high customer satisfaction and visible results.

As an Ezmartech client, you’re under the care of a dedicated project manager. You always have access to a reliable point-of-contact who can give you personalized attention. You can trust our team of experts to develop, execute, and manage your campaign to improve your rankings on the biggest search engines today: Google, Yahoo and Bing. We’ll regularly review your website’s progress and make the necessary adjustments to get best results.


Ezmartech also has a dedicated R&D team that continuously monitors search engines to ensure that your website remains compliant with impending updates—and therefore remains on top. Our research specialists collate data, conduct tests, and refine our SEO strategies to keep up with the times. Learn more about our SEO PROCESS.


Our completely transparent reporting lets you know exactly how your campaign is doing and where your money is going. We’re proud to say that we’re one of the best when it comes to communication and reporting. Ezmartech provides a project management and online campaign tracking system to keep you updated all the time. We also offer live support via phone, instant messaging, and email.

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