UX Research

We understand the client’s requirements and analyze the business goals as well as the market trends to create a scope definition for the project.

  • Brand Requirements
  • Business & Technology Requirements
  • Secondary Research
  • Market Trends & Analysis
  • Benchmark Analysis

UX Design

UX design is a wide term that encompasses its visual layout, content, navigation, and features that come together to create an experience flow for the users.

  • Information Architecture
  • Interaction Design
  • Navigation Design
  • Wireframing
  • Usability Engineering

UI Design

Our design team excels at crafting appealing designs with the right mix of colors, typography, and illustrations, but keep user experience at the core.

  • Visual Design and Branding
  • Prototyping
  • Graphic Detailing
  • Design Review and Validation
  • User Acceptance

Branding and Identity

A business is defined by its brand. We create designs that replicate brands and showcase the business and its value.

  • Brand Strategy and Architecture
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Campaigns
  • Brand Identity Design
  • Print and Publication Designs

Front-End Development

Our team comprises of skilled front-end developers who are capable of creating pixel-perfect, responsive front-end solutions.

  • Front-end Architecture and Design
  • Custom Front-end Development
  • Themeing and Integration
  • Responsive Front-end Design
  • Re-coding and Optimization

Usability Testing

We present well-tested UI/UX designs which have been validated by the real-life users from the target industry using reliable testing tools.

  • User Research
  • Eye Tracking
  • Accessibility Compliance
  • Usability Compliance
  • Heuristics Evaluation

Ui/UX Tool and TechnologyOur expert team leverages the latest tools and technologies to create exceptional UI/UX designs

UI UX Developer Hiring Options

Full Time Hiring

Under this hiring option, the UI UX Developer will become a part of your team on a full-time basis. He/She will be working as a virtual employee for you from the development center in India. The developer will be exclusively working for you. Here is how it works:

  • The developer works for total 160 hours in a month (20 days a month and 8 hours per day)
  • Online time sheet is maintained and shared with you
  • Developer communicates through your preferred communication channel (Email/Skype/WhatsApp/TeamViewer)
  • Monthly Billing
  • No minimum commitment
  • Anytime contract cancellation

Pay as you Go Hiring

Under this option, you buy blocks of hours for the Web Developer. You can hire a developer for as low as 80 hours and start assigning work. A time sheet is maintained and as soon as the block hours gets exhausted you buy another block. This lets you hire on demand. There is no expiry date for purchased hours and you can stop and resume work anytime. This model best suits you when it is not possible to estimate the work and there are constant changes in requirement.

  • You buy blocks of hours in multiples of 80
  • No Expiry date of the purchased blocks of hours
  • Online time sheet is maintained and shared with you
  • Developer communicates through your preferred communication channel (Email/Skype/WhatsApp/TeamViewer)

Fixed Cost Hiring

If your scope of work is fixed and you know what exactly is going to match your requirements, then this option is best suited for you. You tell us the requirements and we give you the pricing and the estimated delivery timelines.

  • Scope & Price fixed before commencement of work
  • Change in scope of work attracts cost

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